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5 healthier drink options.

So, what would be a healthier drink order? Whatever you order, odds are you’re NOT making the decision based on the drink’s potential health benefits. There’s little to no nutritional value in alcohol. After all and we know it can cause a literal headache. But there

Healthier beer choices.

Light beer is the right beer if you’re looking to minimize calories and carbohydrates. A dietary combo that can lead to weight gain menu. (There’s a reason why a rounded midsection is often dubbed a “beer belly” after all.) Many light beers come in around

What causes overeating?

Overeating can be caused by many factors, including how, when and why we eat. Outlines some common causes of overeating and how to overcome them. You have 24/7 access to food You’ve got a packed pantry and a full fridge at the ready to satisfy

Health benefits of carrots.

Who can resist delicious, crunchy carrots? Packed with vitamins, minerals and fiber. No wonder this veggie is a fan favorite. With only 41 calories in 1/2 cup, this delicious food is packed with health benefits. Some of these include: They’re a great source of vitamin A. About ½