Recommended live casino games to play

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Recommended live casino games to play. And it is also a popular game that these players use the service. Due to the convenience of transactions Betting patterns are easy to understand. And can still be played live Give an atmosphere of fun. It’s no different from playing in a real casino.  สมัคร UFABET

1. Live Casino Games: Baccarat

Live Casino Games: Baccarat

For online baccarat that is a live casino game It will be a betting room with dealers to walk the game for you. via live streaming In which the dealer will deal 2 cards to the banker and the player (Player), then reveal the cards to see which side has more points to win.

How to play Baccarat in a live casino. Just choose to bet on the table where the betting lines are hit. according to the number of coins you want within the specified countdown time. In which each betting box has different payout rates according to the difficulty. Such as betting on the banker or banker, if winning, there will be a payout rate of 1: 0.95 

2. Live Casino Games: Tiger-Dragon

Live Casino Games: Tiger-Dragon

Tiger-Dragon Games It is another live casino game that is as popular as Baccarat games. because there are similar ways to play but different in the number of cards dealt 

In the operation of the game Tiger – Dragon. The dealer will deal cards to the Tiger and Dragon parties, 1 card each.

How to Play Tiger-Dragon Game in Live Casino on Tiger-Dragon Table There will be 3 channels for you to choose to bet on, that is, Tiger / Tie / Dragon, allowing you to choose to bet on one of the channels. which will have a payout rate as determined by the table

When the specified time has expired, bets have been made. The dealer will open the cards. and see which side has more points will win 

3. Live Casino Games: Hi-Lo

Live Casino Games: Sic Bo

Hi-Lo game or Live Sic bo is a game that has a style of play similar to Hi-Lo that is commonly played. Which in this live casino game will use 3 dice, each with 6 faces like normal dice. in shaking machine and there will be a dealer to control the machine

How to play Hi-Lo games in a live casino When entering the betting room, you will find that on the betting table. There are many slots to choose from to place bets. Which you have to choose to place bet chips on the desired slot. before the countdown timer runs out The dealer then turns on the machine to shake the dice. 

when the machine stops The points that occur on all 3 dice will be used as the result of the draw. If you choose to bet on the points that occur on the dice will receive money according to the predetermined payment rate 

For example, choose to bet that the faces of the dice will add up to 8 points. If the result is 8, it will receive money at a payout ratio of 1: 8.

4. Live Casino Games: Bull Bull Cards

Live Casino Games: Bull Bull Cards

bull bull card game or bull card game It is another live casino game that is fun to play. Because it takes up to 5 cards to win, which will use 3 cards in combination to get 10 points and the other 2 cards combined as many as possible to win.

by on the table of bull bull cards will be divided into the dealer’s side and the player’s side of 3-5 hands as determined by the service provider 

How to play the game Bull Bull in a live casino Choose to bet according to the slots given on the table. Which you will be able to choose to bet on both the banker and the player. Any hand you want When the cards are revealed, which side has more points? Then you choose the correct bet. will receive money according to the specified payment rate

5. Live Casino Games: Roulette

Live Casino Games: Roulette

Roulette game, another popular game with a large number of players. 

in the game of live roulette The dealer will spin the wheel at high speed and let the steel ball fall. When the steel ball falls to which number will it stop? will use that number to produce prizes

How to play roulette in a live casino when entering the betting room. There will be a number board for you to choose to bet on. By placing the chip on the desired slot. Then when the countdown timer expires The dealer will spin the wheel and release the steel ball.

6. Live Casino Games: Pokdeng

Live Casino Games: Pokdeng

One of the betting games that we are well known for, like bounce poker when being switched into the live casino game system. The style of play will change slightly. But the rules for counting points remain the same.

How to play pokdeng game in a live casino Gamblers will not be the ones who win the cards themselves. But will choose to bet on any of the hands that are specified on the table and then wait to see. If the hand chosen to bet has the total face value of the card beats the dealer or not Each channel has a different payout rate. And there will be a higher payout rate or more loss If there is a special pair of cards, such as two bounces 

7. Live Casino Games: Gourd, Crab, Fish

Live Casino Games: Gourd, Crab, Fish

Gourd, crab, fish game, another popular guessing game that many gamblers must have experienced before. In the form of a sheet of paper. Which now gourd, crab, fish games have been elevated to live casino games that can be played right from home.

For gourd, crab, fish games in live casinos, there will be a playing style similar to Hi-Lo games. That uses 3 dice to play. In which each dice has a total of 6 animal symbols and, more specifically, each symbol has a specific point. for counting bet points as well

How to play gourd, crab, fish games in a live casino when entering the betting room. You will find a betting board that divides the channels to choose to bet on many results. Which will be both stabbed according to the symbol and a bet according to the total score. There will be a payout rate according to the difficulty of producing results.