How to place bets and payout rates online roulette

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There are several ways to place chips on the grid. and have different payout rates In online roulette, most websites have payout rates as follow.

  • Place directly on the number – 1 baht pays 35 baht
  • Hunched a line (choose two numbers) – 1 baht, pay 17 baht
  • Place 3 charts vertically (street style) – 1 baht, pay 11 baht
  • Place 4 pieces (corner) – 1 baht, pay 8 baht
  • 6 chartered (line) – 1 baht, pay 5 baht
  • Placing 12 long columns (column type) – 1 baht, pay 8 baht
  • Place 1st 12, 2nd 12, 3rd 12 – 1 baht pay 2 baht
  • Bet on red-black – 1 baht, pay 1 baht
  • Bet even-odd – 1 baht, pay 1 baht
  • Bet high-low (numbers 1-18 or 19-36) – 1 baht, pay 1 baht

misunderstanding about online roulette

  1. Roulette is a game that does not depend on luck alone. but requires strategy and planning as well Which must be played often and will see the way of issuing different numbers
  2. Roulette is not an easy game to play. because it is a game that can be difficult to predict Results are based on the ball spinning on the wheel. Anything can happen. which does not have much statistics and analysis
  3. Online roulette isn’t just about losing money. But there are free online roulette as well. There are both online roulette games. or go see reviews roulette. You will also be able to know which websites can play for free. สมัคร UFABET