Familiarize yourself with the roulette table

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Before going to see how to play, we must know the face of the “roulette table” or “roulette table” that is used to place bets first. Which in the beginning we have already said that most roulettes have 37 or 38 slots, which in Thailand we mainly adhere to the rules and European roulette tables, which will have 37 slots and have different positions as follow. สมัคร UFABET

  • Red = red channel (all red occupied)
  • Black = Black channel (all black occupied)
  • Even = even number box (take out all even numbers)
  • Odd = odd number box (all odd numbers)
  • 1st 12 = a group of 12 numbers (numbers 1-12)
  • 2nd 12 = a group of 12 numbers (numbers 13-24)
  • 3rd 12 = a group of 12 numbers (numbers 25-36)
  • 1-18 = channel number 1-18 (number 1-18)
  • 19-36 = Box number 19-36 (number 19-36)

Roulette rules and how to play roulette in general

  1. In each game, we will have to bring money to exchange for “chips”, which each table will have a different value. And each color chip has a different value as well. In America, the minimum chips range from $1 to $100, but in Thailand it depends on each dealer.
  2. Put the exchanged chips on the table or chart on the roulette table to bet. Each channel has a character, so I’ve already told you. Or can be placed in different boxes as described above, for example, placing all red boxes for red or placing the 1st 12 box for 12 number sets (numbers 1-12) where we can bet on how many forms or place How many chips you can get is up to us.
  3. When everyone has finished placing bet chips. There will be spinning the roulette wheel and throwing a small ball into it. Then, if the ball falls into any hole. And then we place a bet and guess correctly, we will receive the agreed prize money. which each betting method in online roulette There are different pay rates. However, we have to wait for the dealer to collect the chips first and wait, then we will get the chips back according to the amount we win.
  4. When we stop playing, tell the dealer to ask for money. Then there will be casino staff to take up the prize money. These chips have no value if taken outside the casino.