What causes overeating?

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Overeating can be caused by many factors, including how, when and why we eat. Outlines some common causes of overeating and how to overcome them.

You have 24/7 access to food

You’ve got a packed pantry and a full fridge at the ready to satisfy any craving you may have. While it’s good to have options and access. This can lead to giving into any hankering you have. Whether that’s a midnight snack or a smorgasbord for lunch UFABET

What to do: It all starts at the grocery store. “Being mindful when you shop, and making a list can be helpful so that it decreases impulse buys.” She also recommends shopping online and doing curbside pickup. Which can also reduce impulse buys.

Another way to be more mindful? “Rethink your kitchen and strategically place healthy food in the front of your refrigerator.” suggests “If it’s in your line of sight, you’re more likely to eat those healthy foods.”

You feel good, bad or stressed

A main reason we tend to overeat? Emotional eating. While we may associate emotional eating with negative feelings like sadness or anger. We can also overeat if we’re experiencing happiness or other positive feelings. 

What to do: “Before you eat, make sure that you take a pause and ask yourself: Am I eating because I’m having feelings?” recommends. “Sometimes, simply taking that pause can prevent you from engaging in emotional eating.”