5 healthier drink options.

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So, what would be a healthier drink order? Whatever you order, odds are you’re NOT making the decision based on the drink’s potential health benefits. There’s little to no nutritional value in alcohol. After all and we know it can cause a literal headache. But there are drink choices that are better than others when it comes to calories, sugar content and how you might feel the next morning. We offers these five healthier drink options: UFABET

Dry red wine. Lower in sugars and higher in antioxidants. Try to avoid offerings with a higher alcohol content, as that can bump up the sugars. (An average alcohol content is about 12%.)

Dry white wine or champagne. Pretty much the same reasoning as above, just without the extra antioxidants.

No-fuss cocktails. Select your favorite clear liquor (such as vodka or light rum) and add in a low-calorie or no-calorie mixer (such as soda water or diet soda). A slice of lime can bring a little extra zest, too.

Light beer. Save yourself some calories and carbs.

Hard kombucha. This fermented tea-based drink packed with probiotics is celebrated as a health elixir. Higher alcohol versions of the beverage offer some of the same benefits as regular kombucha.