“Hungry late at night.” What should I eat to help relieve hunger?

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Hungry late at night.” What should I eat to help relieve hunger?

Many people have probably had the experience of being hungry late at night. Whether it’s a small one or a big one, at least they probably won’t fall asleep while feeling hungry like ยูฟ่าเบท That You need to survey the food warehouses around your house. Before creating the most popular menu!! Such as instant noodles, porridge packets, or fried eggs to eat. and gradually fell asleep It’s often like this. In addition to obesity, we will ask for. There will be a chance of having acid reflux disease as well.

medically recommended Eat food at least 4 hours or more from bedtime. To help sleep more soundly But if you still feel hungry before going to bed

Introducing 5 menus to relieve late-night hunger as follows:

                    1. Fresh fruit such as 1 medium apple, 1 orange, 2 grapefruit, 6-8 pieces of watermelon, 15 small grapes, etc. All fruits contain dietary fiber. Eating the recommended amount of fruit will help you to feel full. But fruit juices or processed fruits are not recommended. Because it has a high sugar content.

                    2. Milk, soy milk, or yogurt . You may choose to drink low-fat plain milk. or lack of butter 1 box of unsweetened soy milk or choose to eat 1 cup of natural yogurt with low fat or 0% fat. Yogurt is not recommended. Because it has a high sugar content. and has little protein

                    3. 1 small sandwich , choosing a protein filling such as boiled egg, pork tenderloin, chicken, tuna, etc. if it’s whole wheat bread Or whole grains will get more dietary fiber.

                    4. Nuts and grains: It is recommended to choose nuts or grains such as baked almonds and about a handful of baked millet without salt. Nuts and grains are sources of dietary fiber and good fats.

                    5. Egg Menu : Eggs are a food that is not high in energy and contains protein. You may choose to cook them simply, such as boiled eggs or microwave poached eggs.

We usually think of hunger as a feeling we get when we need a meal or a snack. When you’re eating mostly for survival, hunger is a way to trigger you to meet your body’s need for energy and nutrition. 

Sometimes, though, hunger can come on when we don’t need food or calories at all. So what does it mean when you’re suddenly hungry all the time? Here are some possible explanations.